Woodlawn, Tennessee Real Estate and Community Information

Woodlawn is a community in Montgomery County, Tennessee, along State Route 79. The 2014 estimated population was 4,460 residents. The community is mostly rural where the cost of living and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average.
Children in town attend the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System and educate children in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 in a three tier educational system. The school system ranks number 31 out of 134 districts in the state. The schools and the school district are highly rated by educational professionals, as well as parents and students. There are several private schools in the area.
There are also seven colleges and universities located within 50 miles of the town offering a wide range of classes and courses.
Available real estate in town includes single family homes and undeveloped residential properties. Property is moderately priced and ideal for families, retirees, and the first time home buyer. Available real estate are multi-bed and multi-bathroom in family friendly neighborhoods. Residents who prefer not to purchase property or may wish to take their time will find a variety of residences to rent.
Residents and future residents seeking property or residences for sale in town should contact Mary McCooley, realtor. She is knowledgeable about the area and will help home buyers find the property or home that is right for them.

Brief History

The area was first inhabited by several Indian tribes. Minerals used in gunpowder were found in the area and attracted settlers who began to build homes and manufacturing facilities. A great many settlers took up agriculture and farming became a vital cog in the early economic engine of the town. As the population grew buffalo paths soon became roads. The roads often flooded and some roads became passable only by ferry. During the mid-1800’s, the railroad was constructed through the area bringing greater growth and prosperity to the town.

Parks and Recreation

The town and the surrounding area offer a variety of recreational facilities and opportunities. There are 5 parks within the county, including a park in town, that offer sports fields and courts, playground, picnic and grilling areas, pavilions and restrooms. There are also several pavilions available for a fee and they are ideal for family and neighborhood gatherings.

Attractions and Activities
There are a number of things to do in town and Montgomery County for every member of the family. Attractions and activities include museums, winery tours, theater, historic monuments and golf.

Residents will find many events in town and the surrounding area that is fun and family oriented. Events include holiday and seasonal celebrations, and music and cultural events.

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